I love cooking especially during the holidays.  In fact, for Christmas Eve I cooked everything from Ina Garten’s recipes.  Ina, better known as the Barefoot Contessa, cooks mostly French for entertaining which means butter, cream and oil.  These were my 3 food groups and I was a huge fan of carbs!

Taking on this change in my life has meant changing the way I eat.  Luckily for me I have always loved vegetables but eating them for every meal can be challenging.  I am not a nutritionist or doctor but I have found meals that work for me to follow in these simple rules:

  • 1 gram of protein per pound of weight
  • No carbs after 4pm
  • No sugar
  • Eat every 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • 1 gallon of water a day

Do I follow these rules 100%?  No, but 90% of the day I do!  That is a big improvement of my old habits.  Now, I’m working on new and healthy habits.

This weekend I went food shopping and bought everything I need for the week.  This helps me stay on track without seeking the bad stuff.  I bought things like chicken, turkey sausage, chicken sausage, spring mix, veggies for my salads, bananas, strawberries, eggs and egg whites.  Below is a sample of what I’ll be eating today:

  • Breakfast:  1 egg with 3 egg whites, turkey sausage patty, Ezekiel bread
  • Snack: Strawberries
  • Lunch: Salad (spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and balsamic vinaigrette) with grilled chicken
  • Snack 2 hours before gym: Grilled chicken and sweet potato
  • Snack after gym: Banana
  • Dinner: Turkey sausage with green peppers and onions
  • I drink as much water as I can during the day but if I want something with flavor I make my own brewed ice tea

I also have a large collection of plastic containers to help me prep my meals so I can grab ‘n go each day:


Here is also a sample of my turkey sausage with veggie prep:

sausage dinners This is a lot of work compared to how I was but it’s helping me get to my end goal so it is worth it.  A good prep day is Sunday and I’ve also started writing out my meals for each day so I know what to throw in my bag.

4 thoughts on “Food!!

  1. When Pat started to cook paleo I really love when he makes fresh broccoli with olive oil and garlic and cooks in the oven until the edges just start to brown – its the most delicious way I’ve cooked broccoli! And we do a lot of other veggies the same, such as asparagus.

  2. Get the basting oil from Wegmans if you want to roast veggies. It’s packed with herbs and super flavorful. Drizzle over the veggies and bake! Cauliflower, zucchini, red onions and yellow squash are my favorite to do that way. 🙂

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