Week 1 DONE!

liz 3.21.13

Yesterday was a very hard day for me mentally and physically at boot camp in Ocean NJ. I felt defeated by the pain in my body, the exhaustion and the food. I received a lot of feedback, tips, and quotes. I appreciate it all!

Someone told me that the diet I am following is like a light switch to my body. On Saturday I flipped it on and went full force. While it is important to follow a healthy diet I also cannot put my body in this type of shock or I may give up. At first I thought, but this is what I was told to do. But in reality, I have to do what’s right for me and my body.

I had planned a turkey sausage with green peppers and onions lunch but it’s been days since I’ve enjoyed a sandwich and I craved that full feeling. So, I took my fat butt over to Panera and ordered the “You Pick Two”. I got the French onion soup and 1/2 smoked turkey sandwich, dry. After consuming this decadent lunch (decadent compared to what I have been eating) I instantly felt better. I felt more focused and my energy increased. I was ready to get back into class.

My boot camp in Monmouth County class went great last night.  Was it hard?  You bet, but I finished 2nd in one of the circuits which, to me, is pretty awesome.  It is definitely not a race but I’ve already seen improvement since my first day.  I’ve also found that I’m better at some workouts vs. others.  While I’m working out time does seem to slow down but when I’m done I feel like I just got there.

Like I said before, I’m having my good days and my bad days but the good are more often.  Now if I could only get out of bed in the morning more quickly!  I’m taking 2 days off from the class but plan on doing the elliptical atleast 1 day.  Til then, I’ll update you on the flip side.


Day 3: Giving Up

Last night was day 3 of Zone 360 and it was so hard.  If you recall, I texted Melissa to find out what to expect in class because my legs were killing me.  The “surprise” definitely was NOT ice cream sundaes but an evening of legs.  I put forth 100% and got through the brutal work out which consisted of 120 squats, 100 meters of lunges, 120 twists with a medicine ball,  60 jumping jacks with a medicine ball up and down, plus many more stations.

I left class feeling accomplished but so exhausted that it was difficult to drive home.  When I got in, I had to climb a flight of stairs which were almost impossible to get up.  All I could do was take Tylenol and lay down because anything else was too painful.  Then I remembered I still had a lot to do before I could relax.  Cooking and preparing food!

I’m so sick and tired of preparing my meals and I don’t think I can look at grilled chicken for the rest of my life.  (…and it’s only been 5 days!)  I want to be able to leave my home w/ a granola bar or something quick instead of making eggs, turkey sausage and toast while my dog gives me the death stare because I’m not sharing.

It is very important to me that I am honest with you.  I do have my good days and my bad days.  Last night and this morning were definitely bad.  I cried for the first time because I wanted to give up.  I am physically drained and so over preparing all these meals!  I want to walk like a normal person and be able to walk down stairs without considering sitting on my butt and sliding down like when I was 5.

I have another class tonight and saw burpees on the schedule.  I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted burpees but the thought of doing one right now makes me want to vomit.  I’m having an “i want to give up” day and hoping just to get through one more class this week and take a break.

Day 2: Yes!

I started my second Zone 360 class on Monday and was very nervous about what to expect.  I was sitting in my car psyching myself out when I read my friend’s messages of encouragement on Facebook.  I am so lucky to have people to motivate me even though this has been a goal for myself.  We all have moments of weakness whether it’s a slice of cake, a bad ex-boyfriend or not getting your butt in the gym.  Having people cheer me on really makes a big impact and I hope one day to return the favor.

I wish I had a friend to do this with me but I also feel the strangers in my class and instructors are my friends.  They push me to push myself and are there for me with questions.

I’m happy to report that I completed Day 2 without feeling sick.  What was different?  I did everything at my own pace and didn’t try to prove that I can be a body builder.  I can do it, at any pace I can.  It doesn’t matter how many reps you did or didn’t do but if you feel you pushed yourself enough.  I know I did and took rests when necessary and I got through it.

Last night I was a slave to the stove to prepare my meals for the week.  Like I said earlier, your diet is super important to this process.  If I’m working so hard to get through these classes and I screw up my diet, I won’t see results!  It’s that simple!  I try to prepare as much as I can for dinners because I’m so hungry after class I may drive my car to McDonald’s instead of a protein heavy meal.

I also work a full time job and need to get my meals for the next day organized.  It’s a lot of preparation but I feel good except for the soreness which I’m told will go away eventually.  I’ve been hobbling around work today like an old lady but I know it’s working!

In the last few days, I’ve already dropped 2 pounds.  Some will say it’s not about pounds, but if you’re on the Biggest Loser it can mean the difference between $0 and $250,000!  (Did you all see the finale last night?!)

I have another class tonight and texted my instructor to find out the type of class I can expect because I can barely walk.  I got back “it’s a surprise.”  And my response was, “ice cream sundaes?”  To my dismay, it is not but I’ll be sure to update you on the flip side.

Day 1: Holy Sh*t!

Yesterday began my journey of healthy eating and a workout routine to change my body.  Before I went I had chicken, cucumbers and toast since I was out of eggs.  I got to class and was pleasantly surprised by the range in ages. Men and women from 20’s-50’s.  I was pretty shy at first (even though once you get to know me, I’m not) and just hung around and tried to blend in.

My classmates began to catch on that I was the latest victim to Zone 360 and told me all their horror stories of their first day.  That’s when I began to get really excited, NOT!  One lady told me she almost threw up in her car after class and the other told me it was painful to sit down…on the toilet.  I thought, psshh, “I got this”.

Class started up with a warm up of light running, then side-to-side things and then running backward.  Then we got into the stations…ahem, the stations of death!  At first I thought it would be fun; circuit training stuff to keep me interested!  It started off pretty good and got halfway through when I approached what I lovingly call “shitty balls” in which we crouch down, then throw a medicine ball up against the wall and catch.  I thought I might meet my maker at this point because lightheadedness kicked in and I turned to the instructor and said, “I don’t feel right”.  He quickly sat me down and got me a electrolyte elixir to get me hydrated.  I rested for 10 minutes while the other continued the stations of death and got right back in!

I didn’t want to let myself down or give up so I kicked my butt back into gear and finished all the stations to the best of my ability.  I admit, I felt slightly lightheaded again, and sat down but I accomplished a lot in my first day.  After the cool down I met with the instructor and discussed food.  Ah, food, my favorite subject!

I love to eat (and it shows)!  I need to change my eating habits because it’s 80% of the puzzle is what you eat while fitness is 20%.  I need to eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight and normally I eat enough for a newborn baby.  Getting as much protein as I can is the goal and it will help me feel full.  A gallon of water and no carbs after 4pm are also important.

After leaving the gym, I thought I was going to puke (yup, the woman was right!).  I quickly got some food and felt better almost immediately.  Today I was very sore when I woke up at 6am to go to the bathroom.  I sat down in pain and thought, “how the hell am I going to get back up?”  I am still sore and looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow.

Updates coming on the flip side.  (Prayers are welcomed)

Where do I begin?


Day in and day out I think about my weight and getting back into shape. I’ve thought about what I want to do and would start but gave up after a week. I have finally mentally committed to making a change to better myself. I want to be healthy mentally and physically so I can have everything in life that I want: happiness.

Having that goal sounds pretty simple; happiness. Everyone has their own definition of happiness but mine is pretty simple. I want to be happy with myself so I no longer feel disappointment that I didn’t follow through on what I want for me. I want satisfaction in my job, a healthy relationship and eventually my own family.

I belong to a gym, but I don’t go. I never really pushed myself hard enough or stuck with a routine for very long. I’ve been hearing about these boot camp type classes where fellow fit seekers motivate you. So, I joined!

Sure I’m skeptical about myself. Will I stick with it? Will I change my eating habits? Who knows, but I know I want it more than I have before.

My first class starts Saturday, March 16 at 10:30am at the Ultimate Fit Zone for Zone 360. I’m not scared but more excited. I hope this will begin a successful journey to where I want to be.