TRX + Boot Camp = Hell on Earth

TRX Push Up

As I complete my 3rd week of classes tonight I am hoping and praying for an easier night of boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone’s Zone 360 class.  Last night I started a new class called T360 which combines TRX suspension training and Zone 360 boot camp.

TRX was created by a Navy Seal (if that is any indication of this tough workout) so you can workout anywhere using suspended straps.  These straps can hold your feet for atomic push ups or in your hands for w-shoulder fly.  Here’s a video so you can get an idea: 

After completing the TRX portion we went into boot camp mode focusing on cardio which included reverse lunges, squats, side-to-side hops and wall balls.  For the grand finale we through in different sit ups to make sure our fate was sealed.  I was pretty discouraged to say the least because I couldn’t get through the atomic push ups to save my life.  I wanted to cry.

I had worked out so hard that I felt sick immediately after class.  I don’t know if I’m still adjusting or what but these workouts are no joke.  The food part continues to be a struggle for me as well.

About 30 minutes after class I was craving carbs as usual and decided to treat myself and headed over to Chipotle.  Chipotle is a good alternative to McDonald’s or Taco Bell but you have to make the right choices and I did not.  I had a fajita bowl but added in the white rice and a side order of tortilla chips.  I know this is high in carbs but I’ve been so good in changing my habits that I thought “what the hell”.

Big mistake: 

I was sick all night.  Man, did I learn my lesson.  Today is another day and I will do much better for myself.


Food: Take 2

food dreams

I get a lot of questions about food. What do you eat everyday?  What do you eat when you’re out?

It took everything in me not to drive to the Windmill and get a hot dog and cheese fries yesterday.  I wanted it so bad and I felt so pathetic.  I have been very focused on the gym and eating right but now my body is yelling at me to go through the drive-thru and eat things I can’t have.  I was starving trying to figure out how to nourish my body without giving in to what it wants: CARBS!

I feel like have have balloons of food hanging over my head haunting me: pizza, pasta, cheese fries, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I really don’t have the answers to everything but I do talk to my friends who are knowledgable on this subject as well as my trainer.  I get a lot of information but it doesn’t always work for me and what I’m comfortable with.  Coconut flour? Peanut butter homemade right in Wegmans?

I like, no, I love food!  Will I ever eat anything I enjoy again?



My worst enemy is the scale.  Since I’m all about metrics and results (especially since I work with Google Analytics) this is my only way to measure!

I could never imagine being on The Biggest Loser and hopping on that giant scale in front of my trainers, teammates, competitors and the whole world!!  It’s bad enough I have to do it alone!

I did my morning ritual yesterday by weighing myself and I went up 4 pounds!  What?!? How is that even possible?  I lost 9 then back up 4?  I’ve been eating Ezekiel bread which tastest like cardboard, egg whites, grilled chicken, turkey sausage, more grilled chicken and water.  Not to mention working out 4 days a week where I almost want to barf.

My friends tell me I lost water weight the first week and I’m balancing out or I’ve gained muscle.  I think my friends are trying to be nice.  Bless their hearts but maybe I need some tough love.