Date #1

Not only do I have my first 5K since workin’ on my fitness but I also have a date this weekend.  What was I thinking?

Oh well.  As my friend Hottie says, “balls to the wall.”

Here’s a taste of what’s going on in my head:

  • What should I wear?  He’s slightly shorter than me and only heals would be appropriate with the dress I have in mind.  Will I look like a sasquatch?!


  • Where are we going to go?  I’m a slight control freak and need to know the plan.  What time?  What are we doing?  How much $$ should I bring if he turns out to be a putz?


  • What is my exit strategy if he is a putz?  I will probably seek out the nearest emergency exit sign and/or window to jump out of.


I Kept Running

A few weeks ago I committed myself to running almost everyday.  I like to get up before work, drive down to the end of Spring Lake, take a photo of the sunrise, share it with Facebook and go.  30 blissful minutes of clearing my mind, pushing myself to go faster and longer every day.  I think this is what Forrest Gump had in mind when he started running too.

run forrest

Besides feeling accomplished after a good run I found there are other benefits as well.  According to ( running improves your health, prevents disease, helps you lose weight, boosts your confidence, relieves stress and eliminates depression.

Another benefit for me is catching the sunrise:


There’s No Secret!

no secrets

I get asked fairly often about what I’ve done to lose weight.  There is no special formula, trick or diet.  It really is working out and changing your eating habits. 

When I made the decision to get healthy I made a commitment to myself and no one else.  I started working out doing boot camp classes and completely overhauled my eating habits.  It was the hardest decision and commitment that I have done for myself because I never made myself a priority before.  

The workouts were excruciating and I felt like puking every time.  My coaches and my fellow classmates got me through but more importantly, I felt amazing when I was done.  I had accomplished something huge for myself and I kept going back.    

I am no longer doing the boot camp classes but have taken up running, walking and yoga.  This is something I can do when I want without having to be at class at a specific time and it can be done anywhere. 

The important thing is that you are doing what works for you.  If you do not enjoy your workout, you will not continue to do it.  Even though I don’t do the high intensity workouts anymore it taught me how much I can do which is so valuable. 

I know one day I will go back to the high intensity work outs because it works!

Lifestyle changing tips:

  1. Find a workout that you love.  Try everything to find it.
  2. Eat fresh.  No processed foods.
  3. Don’t forget to treat yourself but don’t overdo it.
  4. Stop eating when you’re full and drink water.
  5. Do something every day.  Just go for a walk if you can.



Weight Loss Surgery: Yay or Nay?


Before I started my life change I had considered weight loss surgery because nothing I had done seemed to work.  I looked at different options, took into consideration the different risks and how it would affect my future.  It seemed like the lap band was an option for me because it wasn’t as life threatening and is adjustable but I never followed through because the whole ordeal was just not for me.

After getting to this point in my new habits I just don’t agree with it.  Maybe I am not educated enough as to why people need it but I feel like your cheating yourself out of taking control of your health for the rest of your life.

Making a decision to do something life changing has reminded me that I am a bad ass b*tch!  Everything I have done up until now has been hard but nothing has been more empowering.  No one can can take that away from me and I am in control of what I want.

Do you think weight loss surgery is the easy way out or is there a bigger purpose than I’m seeing?

Online Dating No No’s

online dating

Since I am so wordly with online dating (not really) I wanted to give advice on what is a turn-off to men and  women on these dreaded sites…


  1. Don’t post pics of you with other women.  Sure, pics of you and your sister are cute but with your arm around someone looking all cozy?  Is that a hint of who you want your next girlfriend to look like?  I would never contact you because I am not her and will not be her.  Call a therapist because I’m pretty sure you’re still stuck on her.
  2. Don’t post pics of you in groups of other dudes.  I have no idea who you are and makes you, or whoever you are, not confident.
  3. Don’t waste my time.  Once a guy is interested (amd I am too!)  I like to take it off-line pretty quickly so I can cut to the chase.  Either you want to meet or not.  Emailing and/or texting for a few days is pointless.  I start to question if you’re really single.
  4. Be honest.  This can be hard for men to do (Lord don’t I know it!) but it’s so important.  If you have kids, say it.  If you hide it, we’ll probably find out!


  1. Don’t be too desperate.  Men like a challenge so don’t be too eager to get back to them or be too available.  This sort of contradicts a dating site since you are obviously looking but hopefully you have a life.
  2. Post up-to-date pics.  Maybe you just had a break up, ate too much Ben & Jerry’s and put on some unwanted poundage.  Be sure to post flattering and real photos of yourself.  Posting photos from 10 years ago isn’t accurate and makes you appear insecure.
  3. Smile!  Guys like to know you’re happy because they don’t want complication in their lives.  I’m not perfect, but smiling is contagious!
  4. Have your guard up.  If there is something shady, trust your gut.  One thing I’ve learned is that when someone shows you who they are, trust them!  Same advice goes to men.

There you have it.  My unofficial online dating advice.  What is your advice to those searching for love via 4G?


Positive Thinking? That’s Stupid!


As I was going through my daily gossip website routine reading People, US Magazine and TMZ I came across this gem:

Goldie Hawn looks amazing at 67.  In fact, a hell of a lot better than this 34 year old!  But what she said really got me thinking because, let’s be real, I get most of my inspiration from gossip mags!

In the article Goldie Hawn says:  “When you are in a healthier state of mind, the body reacts,” she said at the time. “So, when you’re feeling joyful, the body actually will react that way … So I say, cut the negative, focus on the positive, habituate the positive thinking.”

Then I did a little research and found an article by the uber respected Mayo Clinic:

In summary the article points out: One theory is that having a positive outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body. It’s also thought that positive and optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles — they get more physical activity, follow a healthier diet, and don’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess.

Positive thinking…hmmmm.  Can we really control our minds by replacing the negative with the positive?  What say you…