The last few days I’ve been doing really well with keeping active. Even though the rain clouds were coming into my area on Friday I decided to go for an interval run on the boardwalk anyway. This of course took place after I took at nap when I got home from work. At first it was kind of fun because it’s just rain but then it started pelting me in the face and I was over it. Ugh, and it was ruining my hair! So, that only lasted about 1.5 miles.

Saturday I got up and went back for more but luckily the sun was shining and the breeze was cool. I went for 2.8 miles for the interval run (C25K) and it felt so good.  The C25K program is really great because I’m trying to build up to running a 5k straight through.  For all who want to join me, I’ll be doing the Sea Girt 5K on August 3.  It’s $20 before July 10 ($25 after) so get registered!

On Sunday I went to a basic yoga class at my gym and my friend Chelsea joined me.  I was really happy she offered to come because it was my first yoga class in a while and it’s always more fun when a friend tags along.  The class was large and mostly older people (as in 50++).  I thought, “Awesome!  If they can do this so can I”.  After a few poses I picked out the overachievers that compelte the poses before the instructor, the women who are looking to clear their minds of their husbands and get peace and quiet from their grandchildren as well as the random men.

There were definitnely a few moments of quiet laughter coming from Chelsea and I.  Like when we had to lay on our back, spread our legs in the air and “pulse”.  Honey, I don’t “pulse” in private.  Or the icing on the cake was at the end when we were in relaxation mode and an older man behind us started to snore.  I quickly learned that while it’s awesome to go with a friend to yoga, never ever do it next to each other.  I couldn’t look at her face because I started to lose it.

Overall it was a good weekend.  Today I feel amazing and looking forward to the week ahead!



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