I love when people read my blog and talk about it.  Your comments are always welcome and pretty entertaining so keep them coming!

Having said that, I heard from an old friend last night about my “Dating Re-cap” blog.  She too is doing the online dating routine but nothing amazing has come out of it except for some interesting stories much like mine.  In fact, our stories were so similar we learned we both had a date with BOTCHAGALOOP!

Oh dear baby Jesus can this get any better?!

I did leave a tidbit of information out of my previous blog because it really wasn’t something I wanted to share since my Mom might read my blog.  Oh well, here goes.  While taking our oh-so-romantic stroll on the beach Botchagaloop asked me if I’ve ever had sex on the beach.  It’s safe to say he wasn’t referring to the cocktail.

This guy is a real charmer!

I shared this with my friend and she immediately knew Botchagaloop because she went on a date with him too!  He said the same exact thing to her!  Get some new material buddy!  Is your life that boring that you don’t have things to talk about other than sex on a first date!?  Maybe you should go be by yourself (if you know what I mean).

Have you ever been on a date with someone who just doesn’t have anything special to bring to the table?

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