The first step in making a change doing it.  This is half the battle because without starting you aren’t going to get anywhere.

Setting a goal for yourself is extremely important.  By setting a goal you are more likely to achieve the goal by making a plan and sticking to it.  Here are some examples:

  • I want to get fit
  • I want to lose xx pounds
  • I want to feel good about myself
  • I want to get married in 2014
  • I want a new job in 2014

These goals are pretty random but you get the idea.  Create goals for yourself that YOU can control and make happen otherwise it’s unattainable.  Once you decide on that attainable goal, make a plan.  I will eat 1,500 calories a day, reduce my simple carbohydrate intake and workout for 60 minutes 4 days a week.  This is a goal and a plan YOU can control.

Committment is probably the most difficult part.  It’s so easy to say I want to lose weight or I want to get a six-pack.  There were many times that I needed to re-commit myself in order to get where I wanted to go.  It’s equivalent to working on a marriage.

Just because you didn’t lose 30 pounds in 3 months doesn’t mean that you should give up.  Figure out what worked for you and what didn’t, forgive yourself and move on.  Keep going to hit your goal.

My goal is to lose another 25 pounds by January 13, my 35th birthday.  That’s roughly 3 months from now which makes it realistic even with some awesome holiday food days.

This is on my fridge as my friendly reminder….

junk food

4 thoughts on “A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

  1. I love that you have a specific plan. It’s quite frustrating to hear how someone’s goal didn’t work out because it was quite general and there was nothing they could really do to work towards it

  2. Goals, in order to be achievable, must be measurable. “I want to get fit”, is not a goal, for it has no measurable specifics; likewise, “I want to feel good about myself”, also cannot be a “goal” for it is not measurable. In order for something to be achieved or improved, it must be measurable. Changing those to specifics, such as, “I will be able to run five miles by July 2014” – that is specific and measurable; likewise, to keep a journal (measurable) about self-esteem, with an action plan of positive self talk and meditation every day for 90 days (specific) is also a defined goal; thus you know when you have achieved the “goal”.

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