liz running

Have you ever seen a runner gliding by like a gazelle and as you drive by turn back to see a) if you know them and b) if their face is cute?  Well, I do.  Perhaps I’m shallow or just looking for a date but what are THEY thinking about?  Do they hear the “Eye of the Tiger” in the headphones motivating them to move faster?  Or are they thinking about their next meal?   Who knows but here are my thoughts…

  • This pace feels great.  I feel like I could go this fast for a while.
  • Oh, now the downward hill is evening out.  Ouch, my ankles and calves are killing me.
  • Ok, put your serious face on.  Traffic is going by and I want to look cool.
  • Who am I kidding?  If I can make it ¾ of a mile without stopping it’ll be a miracle.
  • More cars are going by.  Gotta look like a pro.  In through your nose out through your mouth.
  • Stop stop stop.  Need to catch my breath and give my calves a moment of peace.
  • I need a song to kick my butt back into beastmode.  Kanye? Ok!
  • I bet Kanye never thought his music would motivate a running white chick from Jersey.
  • This feels great – I’m amazing.
  • Do I look ok?
  • Is my face red?
  • Do I look fit or is my body all over the place?
  • Time for a #selfie check
  • Uh oh.  I think I need to go to the bathroom!
  • Please pass.  Please pass.
  • Oh, thank God it passed.
  • Why am I doing this?
  • I have a five mile race in 2 weeks.  What was I thinking??
  • I’ll just walk if I need to.  It’s not illegal.
  • I really want to finish this in less than 30 minutes.  Time to push myself.
  • I just ran past my house to finish the miles evenly and I’ll run back.
  • Mission accomplished!  I feel great!
  • The dog jumps in my lap and all is right in the world.  Can’t wait to do this again!

Being a runner is totally crazy but so rewarding. 🙂

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