Another Year Without You Here

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Another year has passed without Sean.  19 years ago today, the age he was when he passed.  It seems like a long time ago but time has passed too quickly.  Some days I think of him a lot and others I feel guilt for not thinking of him more.  Wishing he were here to celebrate the good times, the holidays and to help me get through those tough moments.  In the last year he has missed birthdays, getting to meet my brother’s girlfriend, an amazing family trip to our cousin’s wedding in Colorado, Connor’s first birthday, grandma’s 94th surprise brunch and countless other family events.

To be honest, this is the most difficult blog of the year.  Usually it takes me maybe 30 minutes to write a blog but with this I started it last Thursday, revisited it Sunday and finally finished today.  In the last few years I have found great comfort and a sense of purpose by working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Participating in their local walks to raise awareness and support has proven to me that I’m not alone.

Keeping in touch with Sean’s friends is also cathartic.  The messages I receive with their memories of him make me laugh because he was funny and make me cry because I miss him.  If I can help raise money to bring awareness and support so no one else has to experience this makes me happy.  Please consider donating to this great organization by clicking here.

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Conjoined Twins: Insert Foot in Mouth Syndrome

There have been countless moments in my life where I had the “insert foot in mouth” moments and today’s was probably the best of the best!

I was telling a co-worker about Marnie the Dog seen below.  If you aren’t familiar, she is a shih-tzu that has a muscle problem in her neck which results in a cocked neck and tongue hanging 24/7.  Instagram her: @marniethedog

marnie the dog


And the conversation continues:

Co-worker:  There was a girl I played basketball with who had that problem.  Her neck was always cocked to the side.

Me:  Maybe she was a conjoined twin.  Did she have a nubbin on her other shoulder where a head used to be (ie American Horror Story)

Co-worker:  No but my mom was a conjoined twin.  Her sister passed away during the surgery to separate them as babies.

Luckily my co-worker didn’t take any offense to it however, conjoined twins are super rare and what are the chances of me making a joke!!!!!!!!  What are you most memorable foot in mouth moments?