Halftime IS The Best Part!

Today as we get ready to celebrate America’s most watched sporting event I prefer to focus on the music; aka the halftime show. As a big music fan, it’s amazing to watch a choreographed dance of cameras, fans, stages, and sometimes pyro move into the center of the stadium for just a 12 minute performance.  The anticipation of what songs they’ll perform in that tiny time slot and the visuals to portray the current events are awe inducing.

Thinking back on the best performances I can clearly remember Michael Jackson’s halftime performance in 1993 because he somehow managed to appear in the corners of the stadium.  Of course looking back on it now, it wasn’t magic, it’s just stand ins. Even so, who will ever dance like this again?

There is one performance in particular that wrecked me.  It was 2002, four long sad months after September 11.  Our country was in mourning and at the time it was hard to enjoy American events and feel safe while doing it.  A little Irish band took America’s biggest stage and helped us pay tribute to those lost in the events of September 11.  At the time there was a lot of fear in America especially at large gatherings; fear of another attack but also fear in how our world had changed in one day.  This little Irish band let us mourn but also remember we are a strong America.

I had always been a U2 fan but even more so that day; the day I added U2 to my bucket list of concerts to see.  The years have passed by and I’ve never made it to their show.  This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Joshua Tree album and U2 is embarking on a huge world tour and this Irish girl finally made her wish come true.  I’ve paid a pretty penny for floor seats but I know it’ll be worth it.

I am sure that tonight’s halftime show will not disappoint.  Even if you aren’t a fan of Lady Gaga’s music she is incredibly talented and I have no doubts that tonight will be memorable.



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