Falling Off the Wagon



It’s been atleast two weeks since I’ve blogged and my poor excuse has been because I feel like a failure. All the holiday goodies and birthday treats have certainly caught up with me. I’ve even discovered Smashburger near my office which is not good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but not healthy.

So here I am sitting in my chair with my jeans feeling a bit snug with a plan in my mind to get back on track tomorrow. I’ll be up earlier than usual to get my chunky butt to the gym, eat healthier, and hopefully feel good mentally. It’s amazing how quickly the “voices” come back when you fall off the wagon. “I shouldn’t be eating this but I will.” “I should really go to the gym.” Torture!

Even though I don’t feel great about myself for letting go, I do know that I can start over. Tomorrow is a new day…


Happy Love Handles…I Mean Holidays

It’s the holidays and along with it comes outings with friends, family gatherings, shopping and decorating which leaves little time for working out.  Then there’s the food.  Food seems to be everywhere: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches and candy. Or, in other words, The Elf’s major food groups.

The cold weather isn’t helping much either.  My body wants to keep warm and craves warm meals.  I don’t want salads, fruit or raw veggies.

I am so guilty of all of the above and as a result have gained 5 lbs.  What can I say?  I love going out, being social, having cocktails and cookies.

Now that I recognize my habits it’s time to fix it.  I’m not beating myself up over the 5 lbs. because it’s bound to happen at some point but I can’t keep going down this path.  It’s not going to lose itself!  So, here’s the plan…

Make It Count

I try to get to the gym when I can and not force myself.  If I don’t want to go, I don’t go.  If it becomes a chore I will give up.  While I’m at the gym I make sure I work out every part of my body equally.  This way I will get a total body workout within the time I am there.

Watch What You Put In Your Mouth

Yes, I’ve had more drinks lately than normal.  Yes, I had a Magnolia cupcake when I was in the city last week.  Yes, I made cookies and ate them.  If you can have smaller bites and eat well in between you’ll be ok.  I need to remind myself of this.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Gaining a few pounds is going to happen.  Don’t punish yourself but make sure you get back on track otherwise it’ll get worse and you’ll then hate yourself.  Avoid hating yourself…you’re too good for that.

Facts About Purging…The Closet


Last week I was sucked into Cyber Monday and played the “one for you” and “one for me” game.  My “one for me’s” were delivered last night.  As I tried on each piece to make sure it fit, it dawned on me that my closet is full and more importantly I am out of hangers!  This can only mean one thing, I must purge the closet.

Up to this point it never occurred to me that I should get rid of clothes that no longer fit me.  In dire need of some hangers I decided to start my mission.  I took out some items I knew were too big and some I was unsure of the style altogether, put them in bags and lined them up by the door for donating.

Then the fear set in.  What if I gain the weight back and I don’t fit in my current clothes?  What if I need them?  But, what if I don’t?

Then I remember I had just tried on clothes that are two sizes smaller!  This feels way better than THAT felt!  My largest size I wore was a 2X.  I used to shop at what I lovingly called “Lazy Bitches” (Lane Bryant).  Now I wear a size XL and sometimes could probably get into a large.

I’ve accomplished three goals here:  1) purging the old clothes to make room for new and smaller ones, 2) reminded myself to stop the negative talk, 3) donating clothes to those in need.

Mission accomplished!

*that pic is not my closet

My Purpose


Tonight I returned to boot camp class.  It is a high interval, multi-dimensional, cross training exercise program.  I haven’t done the class since June and I was very nervous because I didn’t know if I could do it again.  Luckily, I made out great and I think running had a huge part to do with it.

But, like I said, I was nervous.  Starting a new routine can be scary because we fear the unknown.  The day before class I asked another class alumni to join me because I know she was looking to get back to it.  I was so happy to see her walk through the door for the class.  She recommitted herself to doing something positive.  In that moment, I realized my purpose.

I’ve always wanted a meaning to my life instead of just being ordinary and I think I found it.  Through my own experiences of changing my lifestyle and being able to share it in my blog has inspired people.  Wow!  I inspire people…

Even if I  inspire just one person to do one positive thing for themselves is more rewarding to me than any job I’ve ever had.  It makes me so happy when I hear that I’ve motivated someone and not because I told them to but just because I shared my story.

I’m not perfect and there are days when I feel bad about myself.  There are weekends I stay inside and don’t workout.  There are days I go to McDonald’s and get a #2.  I’m not Miss Diet and Fitness but those small changes along the way lead to great things.

Obesity: A Vicious Cycle


Today I came across this article (http://shine.yahoo.com/at-home/live-off-dollar-store-week-50-budget-184100222.html) teaching us how to stretch the dollar when it comes to food.   Yes, going to the grocery store is expensive and looking for sales and using coupons is a great idea.  But, did you notice that the menu in the article is all boxed or canned items?  Not one of these items is natural or chemical free.

The FLOTUS is an advocate for exercise and healthy eating.  She goes around promoting to “Let’s Move” (http://www.letsmove.gov/) and she  grows (probably a landscaper) a sweet little garden on The White House grounds.  But what do people in the real world do to eat healthy in a sh*tty economy?

It seems to me that obesity (and other life threatening diseases) is an endless cycle created by big corporations that produce processed foods at a cheap price.  If we don’t have the funds to eat healthy we are forced to buy unhealthy food.  If we continue to consume unhealthy food we are more likely to develop a myriad of life threatening diseases and the insurance companies get richer.

I am not one to discuss government but I find this very sick and twisted.  What are your thoughts?

I Want To Be Hot


My original goal in my journey was to just get healthy.  While this journey will probably continue for the rest of my life I already feel better but what’s the next goal?

I want to be hot! 

You read it right, I want to be hot!  Being hot has different meanings to everyone.  I think that a woman who is confident, independant, and healthy is attractive but I want to be hot.  The kind of hot that when I walk down the street people notice.

Who knows how I will achieve this but I feel somewhat there.  I think it’s going to take a major drop in poundage because I’ve got the rest of it.  So far today I’ve had a protein shake of frozen berries, water, peanut butter and chocolate whey protein.  Cheers to eating healthy the remainder of the day!


What’s Your Motivation Take 2

shark week

I began my blog and change back in March and like to look back on how far I have come.  Not only have I evolved physically but the mental part is the biggest change.

I wrote What’s Your Motivation in the first couple weeks of working out.  I’ll admit that the blog is bad but I think about motivation often because it takes motivation everyday to keep going.

In the beggining I compared myself to everyone.  Everyone I worked out with I compared myself to.  God, she’s in her 50’s and way better than me!  Why can’t I do push ups like everyone else?! 

My friend Nikki posted this on her Facebook today:  The biggest mistake people make in life is worrying what everyone else thinks.  She is so right!!  I shouldn’t be comparing myself to anyone but using it as motivation to do better!

The best motivator is you, yourself!  I feel motivated to get up and see the sunrise but the most important thing is that I feel good throughout the day.  My energy is way up, I am more focused and at the end of the day I feel accomplished.

What motivates you to keep going everyday?


(photo is in honor of Shark Week)