The Neptune Ballet and New Friends

birthday party

This past weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday with some really great people in my life.  I had planned a night at a local cocktail lounge for my friends to gather, have some yummy cocktails and just hang out.  The best gift of all was a reminder that I am surrounded by awesome people who support me, love me and know how to party!

I can recall thinking at 1:30am that I didn’t want the night to end because I was having so much fun.  Luckily for me, I had made new friends with grand ideas like checking out the local strip club or the code word “Neptune Ballet”.  It was quite an experience that I don’t plan on reliving!

On Monday (yes, it took 2 days), memories of the night started to come back to me such as commiting to do a mud run in July, what shots I took and planning a pool party.  A commitment is a commitment!



monday birthday

It has taken me 35 years to get to where I am today. I’m sure you’re saying, “that’s obvious, Liz” but if I think back to the experiences I’ve had, every one of them has made me, ME!

I heard a great quote from NYC’s Z100 last week:  “If you can look back on the last year of your life and you have made a significant change for the better then it has been a successful year”.  Every year I look back to where I was and where I am.  I never really saw the success because I was blinded by insecurity.  I never appreciated what I did accomplish because I didn’t feel it was anything.

The change in my life has made me see more clearly, appreciate my accomplishments without someone telling me and serves as a reminder that I am pretty awesome.  I have never enjoyed my life as much as I do right now.
I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes. I have no regrets.  Happy 35 to me.