Never Give Up

babe ruth

In August I started back at Ultimate Fit Zone .  It was going really well three weeks and then I went on a trip to Bermuda.  I packed my gym clothes for the trip and visited the gym the first day to get acclimated but never worked out.

I returned from my trip and took off another week because I just wasn’t motivated to go back yet.  On Monday I finally pushed myself and it was a disaster.  I started out jumping rope with five meter long jump in between then we moved onto weights and pulls ups.  I nearly passed out and stopped the workout.

Embarrassed, I left the gym as quickly as I could.  I was not focused, didn’t want to be there and taking the time off was a big set back for me but I sure as hell wasn’t going to quit.

I’m far from perfect and we all have bad days.  That was mine.  The important lesson though is that I didn’t give up.  I went right back to it another day and kicked ass.  Below is the workout I did and was damn proud.


The point is, no matter what you’re doing in your life you will have a set back or a bad day but never give up if you want something.


What Are You Waiting For?

what are you waiting for

The other day I was sitting on the beach with my friend explaining how hard the dating scene is.  I had been on a couple dates and had a couple coming up.  Unfortunately, the one had cancelled our 2nd date the day before due to work schedule which is totally understandable.

Since I’m an open book I have to admit I took a blow to the ego.  Did he not want to see me again and this was an excuse or maybe he really was just busy with work?!  This is how my brain functions: I question things and think things to death until I exhaust myself and build anxiety that’s unnecessary.  A lot of people think I’m calm and collected, which I generally am, but I’m a basket case on the inside.

Going back to the relaxing beach scene….my friend gave me really good advice:  Stop over thinking and do something for yourself.  That can mean different things to different people but to me it means focus on me being happy and healthy.

The gears start churning in my head trying to think of what I can do to change things for me and I asked myself, what have I done in the past that makes me feel good, not only mentally but physically?

If you haven’t been following my blog, roughly two years ago I started at Ultimate Fit Zone by joining their boot camp classes.  I did it for about three months and then went into running. (I quit way too early!) It was the only workout that worked for me.  Encouraging trainers and peers and I did things I never imaged I could do with my body.  So, the bitch is back…

I figure we only live one life so live it happy!  In closing, I ask you…what are you waiting for to do what makes YOU happy?

Unmotivated and Feeling Plump


Having taken a break from my boot camp due to my stress fracture has left me unmotivated and feeling plump.  I remember being so bummed when the doctor told me to take a four week break.   Now  that two weeks have passed and running hasn’t caused me any pain, I just don’t want to go.

Maybe fear is starting to set in or maybe I’d rather grab pizza with friends.  I’m feeling in a slump and not sure how to get back on track.

The Hot Doc and The Foot

Last Saturday I started to feel a pain on the top of my foot when I flexed my toes and while walking.  I couldn’t think of anything I had done to it to make it hurt.  I ended up making an appointment with an orthopedist to get it checked out because I don’t want to prolong the problem and be out of commission from the love of my life, boot camp.

I was able to get in yesterday to see the doc.  I walked in without pain and thought maybe I should have cancelled.  I’m glad I didn’t cancel because the eye candy was amazing.  It was a revolving door of hot docs.  First a neck and shoulder specialist came in to introduce himself even though he wasn’t going to be his patient.  Hmmmm.  Then the foot and ankle specialist saw me who was even hotter.  He joked that I should enlist instead of paying for boot camp.  Haha, sorry buddy but I’m not looking for that type of commitment but I’ll laugh at your joke because your hot.

hot doc

Turns out I have a stress fracture.  The x-ray showed small cracks in my bone that if I don’t ease up on it, it will break.  Oh pooh.  Now what do I do?

stress fracture

Thankfully the hot doc offered alternatives to my running and boot camp:  swimming, elyptical and the bike.  Three things that bascially have little to no impact on my foot.  This isn’t such a bad thing because I do like to swim which is a great full body workout.

So, what’s the message here?  Even though your body may be injured or unable to do certain workouts it doesn’t mean you quit.  Find something that you can do and move forward.

Oh, and get a hot doc 😉

My Purpose


Tonight I returned to boot camp class.  It is a high interval, multi-dimensional, cross training exercise program.  I haven’t done the class since June and I was very nervous because I didn’t know if I could do it again.  Luckily, I made out great and I think running had a huge part to do with it.

But, like I said, I was nervous.  Starting a new routine can be scary because we fear the unknown.  The day before class I asked another class alumni to join me because I know she was looking to get back to it.  I was so happy to see her walk through the door for the class.  She recommitted herself to doing something positive.  In that moment, I realized my purpose.

I’ve always wanted a meaning to my life instead of just being ordinary and I think I found it.  Through my own experiences of changing my lifestyle and being able to share it in my blog has inspired people.  Wow!  I inspire people…

Even if I  inspire just one person to do one positive thing for themselves is more rewarding to me than any job I’ve ever had.  It makes me so happy when I hear that I’ve motivated someone and not because I told them to but just because I shared my story.

I’m not perfect and there are days when I feel bad about myself.  There are weekends I stay inside and don’t workout.  There are days I go to McDonald’s and get a #2.  I’m not Miss Diet and Fitness but those small changes along the way lead to great things.

I’m Baaack


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know how much I’ve switched up my fitness routines.  I first started out at the Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean, NJ doing boot camp classes.  I met some amazing people both in the classes and the trainers.

Then warm weather swept in and I wanted to become a runner so I focused on running.  I’ve come really far since starting and have completed five 5k’s since August.  Now that the cold weather is back it’s difficult to run outside in the daylight especially with a full time job.

With that said, tomorrow I will be back doing the boot camp classes at Ultimate Fit Zone!  I’m super excited because it truly is a family and I get results.  Everyone cheers you on to push yourself further and more than you’ve ever done.  After class I feel amazing and know I can conquer anything.

If you haven’t been to this gym before but want to try it out then here’s your chance to do it with me!   Here are the deets:

Ultimate Fit Zone

1466 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ (Middlebrook Shopping Center)

I will be at the 5:30pm class on Wed., Nov. 6, 2013.  If you have not been to this gym, the 1st class is free.

Eddie:  Prep the barf bucket

Don’t Let The Fear Break You


Fear:  (noun) a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain,etc., whether the threat is real or imagined.

Last week my Aunt Kathy (mother of a Navy SEAL) shared a speech with me that Adm. Eric T. Olson of the Navy SEALs had given at a college graduation. (Click Here to read)  The overall message, in my opinion, is not letting the fear break you.

It really stuck with me because I fear something almost every day.  I’m not talking about big life fears like why I’m still single or maybe I’ll die a single cat lady all alone, but just little ones that seem to add up like going out of my way to meet people at my new job or fearing my workout.  If I allow my fears to take hold of me then I wouldn’t get to my end goal.

Tonight, I conquered a fear.  I recently joined a new gym because of convenience.  I was afraid of leaving where my journey started because I grew familiar with the trainers and my fellow sweaters!  But tonight I took my first class at the new place.   EVERYONE was in such good shape!  I thought for sure I was screwed!  To my surprise I actually did really well.  I felt like I was prepared and actually beat some muscle dudes at sprinting and bear crawls!  Suckas!

But I digress….I want you to know that letting the fear break you only leads you to quit.  Don’t quit!  Yes, you will sweat and it may be painful but keep going because each time you fight the fear, you will be so proud of yourself.