My Addiction(s)


Everyone has their own addictions: alcohol, sex, pot, cigarettes, coffee or even The Bachelor.  We have our moments of trying to kick the habit but then going back and having an inner struggling with hating yourself for giving in.

I came across an article on today about “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski and her obsession with food.  I thought, Wow!  Here is a woman in the public eye who looks healthy but has struggled with her obsession her entire life!  I am not much different.

While I don’t have addictions to any of the listed above, I think I do have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I have snuck food before without people seeing, I have been through every drive-thru in the tri-state area and I crave every waft of fresh baked bread or cake in Wegmans.  Late at night when I’m watching TV a commercial for Burger King comes on and even though I was not hungry two seconds ago, suddenly I want a Whopper with fries.  Damn you advertising!

Part of my re-commitment this week was 2-fold; I need to stay focused on getting in the work outs and I need to promise myself to recognize bad habits and make better choices.

hot dog

I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I’m happy, sad or just bored.  Family celebrations were always about food.  As a kid I would have dance recitals and afterward we would go to Schneiders in Avon for ice cream.  Someone should have handed me a chicken breast.

As hard as it is to avoid these cravings I now think about how I’m going to feel afterward: I am probably going be disappointed in myself, feel tired and sluggish.  Why do that to myself when I know healthy foods have more benefits to outweigh the bad stuff.

Staying focused on the work outs, eating healthy and steering clear of pitfalls is my #1 priority.

Workouts: 3 so far this week

Weight: still down 10 lbs.

*the photo above was years ago.


Food On The Go

Healthy Fast Food

When I started going through this new regiment of working out and changing my eating habits I was gung ho about following the diet that I was given.  One thing I found was the amount of time it takes to prepare.  I go to two different stores for food to save money and then bring it home to cook for a few hours over the weekend so I can grab and go during the week.

I have to admit I have become lazy especially in the mornings.  Typically I will switch up my days of a cooked breakfast (eggs, turkey sausage, toast) with cereal.  More recently I don’t do either and just grab a banana and a Nature Valley Protein bar that I keep on hand as snacks.

I’ve noticed that more and more fast food places are offering healthy options which is great for me because I can still have a hot breakfast without falling off the wagon.

Wawa – They are now offering a Sizzli which is a ham, egg white, cheese and multi-grain English muffin at 240 calories.  Not too shabby!  Stay away from the 2 for $3 offer though because you only need one!  Wawa’s salads are also really good but stay away from the soft pretzels.  They are my weakness!

McDonald’s – Who would have thought that McDonald’s would offer something relatively healthy in this generation?  I grew up going to McDonald’s on the Belmar boardwalk and in fact had my 5th birthday there with a Grimmace birthday cake.  Who doesn’t love their amazing fries?  And the sauce on their Big Mac – wow!  But now that I’m an adult, smart choices are a must.  McDonald’s offers an under 400 calorie menu but be careful not to mix it with fries because it will set you over!  I’ve heard they are offering egg white McMuffins but they aren’t available around me yet.

Burger King – Who doesn’t love the golden crown at Burger King?  When I was a kid my dad would take me here all the time.  I remember he would always get the Whopper and I’d get a BK kids meal with a new toy and a crown!  Burger King is updating their menu by offering a veggie burger that is 410 calories.

Wendy’s – Wendy’s seems to be behind the ball here with healthier options and they don’t highlight their lower calorie options which they should!  I did find some options below 550 calories such as salads, chili and a baked potato.

Most importantly I DO NOT suggest eating at these places everyday.  These items are still high in sodium and sugars. If you are just too busy to make a warm meal atleast you know there are options out there without losing control of your goal.

Happy eating!