What’s Your Motivation Take 2

shark week

I began my blog and change back in March and like to look back on how far I have come.  Not only have I evolved physically but the mental part is the biggest change.

I wrote What’s Your Motivation in the first couple weeks of working out.  I’ll admit that the blog is bad but I think about motivation often because it takes motivation everyday to keep going.

In the beggining I compared myself to everyone.  Everyone I worked out with I compared myself to.  God, she’s in her 50’s and way better than me!  Why can’t I do push ups like everyone else?! 

My friend Nikki posted this on her Facebook today:  The biggest mistake people make in life is worrying what everyone else thinks.  She is so right!!  I shouldn’t be comparing myself to anyone but using it as motivation to do better!

The best motivator is you, yourself!  I feel motivated to get up and see the sunrise but the most important thing is that I feel good throughout the day.  My energy is way up, I am more focused and at the end of the day I feel accomplished.

What motivates you to keep going everyday?


(photo is in honor of Shark Week)


Guilt and Moving Forward


Lately I’ve been feeling less and less motivated to stick to my routine and wanting to break away from it and throw in something new.  I decided to try out the “couch to 5k” (C25K) program for the summer just to get outside and change things up.

Sunday morning I got up and grabbed my phone which has the C25K app. The app is pretty awesome because it alerts you when to run or walk but also pulls in your music from your iTunes.    The first day was awesome.  The weather was perfect and I felt strong throughout.

I’ve also been getting more into things that will help to push me further.  I’ve been into t-shirts with fun quotes:


and looking into heart rate monitors to monitor my progress.

My eating habits haven’t been the best lately because of invites to go out to eat and celebrate the new job or just catching up with friends.  Last night I ate regular pasta.  I haven’t had that in atleast 2 months.  Now I’m feeling sluggish and craving bad stuff.   I’m realizing more and more that my eating habits affects my mood and motivation to work out.

I’ve been watching Extreme Weight Loss on ABC tonight and I’m getting motivated all over again.  I identify with their weight struggles and mustering up the strength to break through the pain.  These people are complete strangers to me but I feel so proud of them.

My journey thus far has been pretty amazing.  I’ve made some awesome changes for myself and very proud.  I’ve met awesome people through Ultimate Fit Zone too.  Due to my change in job I may need to change gyms to keep it convenient for me to continue towards my goals.  There have been so many changes in the last 3 months that I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed but I’ve come to realize that I need to do the right thing for me.

Keep following for updates, friends!