Don’t Let The Fear Break You


Fear:  (noun) a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain,etc., whether the threat is real or imagined.

Last week my Aunt Kathy (mother of a Navy SEAL) shared a speech with me that Adm. Eric T. Olson of the Navy SEALs had given at a college graduation. (Click Here to read)  The overall message, in my opinion, is not letting the fear break you.

It really stuck with me because I fear something almost every day.  I’m not talking about big life fears like why I’m still single or maybe I’ll die a single cat lady all alone, but just little ones that seem to add up like going out of my way to meet people at my new job or fearing my workout.  If I allow my fears to take hold of me then I wouldn’t get to my end goal.

Tonight, I conquered a fear.  I recently joined a new gym because of convenience.  I was afraid of leaving where my journey started because I grew familiar with the trainers and my fellow sweaters!  But tonight I took my first class at the new place.   EVERYONE was in such good shape!  I thought for sure I was screwed!  To my surprise I actually did really well.  I felt like I was prepared and actually beat some muscle dudes at sprinting and bear crawls!  Suckas!

But I digress….I want you to know that letting the fear break you only leads you to quit.  Don’t quit!  Yes, you will sweat and it may be painful but keep going because each time you fight the fear, you will be so proud of yourself.



TRX + Boot Camp = Hell on Earth

TRX Push Up

As I complete my 3rd week of classes tonight I am hoping and praying for an easier night of boot camp at Ultimate Fit Zone’s Zone 360 class.  Last night I started a new class called T360 which combines TRX suspension training and Zone 360 boot camp.

TRX was created by a Navy Seal (if that is any indication of this tough workout) so you can workout anywhere using suspended straps.  These straps can hold your feet for atomic push ups or in your hands for w-shoulder fly.  Here’s a video so you can get an idea: 

After completing the TRX portion we went into boot camp mode focusing on cardio which included reverse lunges, squats, side-to-side hops and wall balls.  For the grand finale we through in different sit ups to make sure our fate was sealed.  I was pretty discouraged to say the least because I couldn’t get through the atomic push ups to save my life.  I wanted to cry.

I had worked out so hard that I felt sick immediately after class.  I don’t know if I’m still adjusting or what but these workouts are no joke.  The food part continues to be a struggle for me as well.

About 30 minutes after class I was craving carbs as usual and decided to treat myself and headed over to Chipotle.  Chipotle is a good alternative to McDonald’s or Taco Bell but you have to make the right choices and I did not.  I had a fajita bowl but added in the white rice and a side order of tortilla chips.  I know this is high in carbs but I’ve been so good in changing my habits that I thought “what the hell”.

Big mistake: 

I was sick all night.  Man, did I learn my lesson.  Today is another day and I will do much better for myself.