Yesterday at the end of my Zone 360 class I was approached by one of my coaches to talk about my progress and see if I needed any help.  I’m still down only 10 pounds and should be more around 16 after 2 months.  I said that I’ve had recent food temptations with family dinners and parties and did cheat more than I should and I also admitted that I should be taking more classes.

My coach suggested that I take some time to think about it and decide if I’m really committed or not.

After thinking about it I was really upset to where I wanted to cry.  I had just completed a class that was really tough but got through it, I have changed many things in my diet and I’ve come so far from where I was.  How could I possibly do even more than I already am?

Then I got angry.

How can anyone put a pound on how much I should be at?  This has been a big life change for me and I’m not doing enough?  I’ve struggled so much with pain, planning and monitoring my food, and getting myself to the gym.  I’ve had 34 years of bad habits and you expect me be perfect?

At that point I came to my senses and realized that I’m not doing this for anyone but me.  If I am dedicated to getting healthy through fitness and diet then I need to re-commit myself to what I wanted when this began.

“Commit: to pledge (oneself) to a position on an issue or question;express (one’s intention, feeling, etc.)”  It’s time for me to fully commit myself to reach my goals and I hope you’re all still with me…

So here is my plan to hold myself accountable:

Week 8

Total weight loss: 10 lbs

# of days to commit to working out: 4

Incorporating more fruits and veggies into my diet.  Eating less carbohydrates and more proteins.


Here we go….



It’s Greek To Me!

Greek yogurt

Keeping on point with your diet is hard enough but what do you do when you have cravings for the bad stuff?  I have cravings all the time like Windmill hot dogs, cheese fries, pasta, bread before the pasta, etc!  I don’t want to fail so I’ve found alternatives to SOME of these cravings that include Greek yogurt!

Greek Yogurt is a great source of protein and it tastes pretty good.  There are many brands out there such as Fage, Oikos and Chobani that include plain or flavored.  The flavored Greek yogurts are great for snacking and the plan is perfect for cooking.

If you don’t already know who Rocco DiSpirito is then you should find out!  You may remember a few years back he had a reality show called The Restaurant which featured his restaurant launch and operation in Manhattan.  Unfortunately it was cancelled but soon after he jumped on the healthy bus and changed recipes to be more waist friendly.  He has published “Now Eat This” that featured healthy makeovers to our favorite foods.  I have made his penna alla vodka and fettucini alfredo and they substitute with Greek yogurt and they are pretty good!

This weekend I tried making brownies with the Greek yogurt and it was damn good!  I brought some over to my parents and didn’t tell them what was in it until they ate it – they loved it!

Try not to give in to those bad cravings but find alternatives that work for you.  Here is a great tool for Greek yogurt conversions from Chobani:

Food: Take 2

food dreams

I get a lot of questions about food. What do you eat everyday?  What do you eat when you’re out?

It took everything in me not to drive to the Windmill and get a hot dog and cheese fries yesterday.  I wanted it so bad and I felt so pathetic.  I have been very focused on the gym and eating right but now my body is yelling at me to go through the drive-thru and eat things I can’t have.  I was starving trying to figure out how to nourish my body without giving in to what it wants: CARBS!

I feel like have have balloons of food hanging over my head haunting me: pizza, pasta, cheese fries, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I really don’t have the answers to everything but I do talk to my friends who are knowledgable on this subject as well as my trainer.  I get a lot of information but it doesn’t always work for me and what I’m comfortable with.  Coconut flour? Peanut butter homemade right in Wegmans?

I like, no, I love food!  Will I ever eat anything I enjoy again?

Far From Perfect; Closer to Puke

I feel as though my recent posts have been too fluffy and wanted to remind you that I’m far from perfect.  Tonight’s class was super tough and I started to feel lightheaded.  It could have been lack of protein today or just the up and down movement but either way I felt discouraged.

Here are some true stats of the last 2 weeks:

  • Number of times I’ve thrown up in my mouth – 3
  • Number of times I’ve come close to tears in class – 2
  • Number of times I’ve cried after class – 2
  • Number of classes I’ve completed – 8
  • Number of pounds I want to lose – A LOT!

Before class I was dreaming of a burger a fries and after working so hard there is NO WAY I’m eating that!  I worked way to hard to do that to myself.  I’ll keep moving along and update you all.

Babe Ruth


Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.27.47 AM

I’m into my second week of Zone 360 and my diet.  I have felt so many benefits already and wanted to share if you’re looking for some motivation.

  1. Clarity – Before I started this there was so much “noise” from myself and outside people.  In an unconscious way I seemed to cling to negativity because I felt bad about myself.  But I also had inside noise because I was always thinking about what I should be doing like going to the gym or eating better.  I am so busy with the workouts and planning my meals that I have no time for the bullsh*t but also feel very positive and want to help others become better.  
  2. Strength – I was already a strong person but I feel even strong now.  I am stronger to make better decisions for myself and to push me to kick butt in class.
  3. Confidence – Lack of confidence has always been a bit part of me because I never felt good about myself.  I felt like everyone around me had their sh*t together and somehow I was missing the boat.  I feel more confident already because I’ve accomplished so much in a week and a half.  I know I can push myself outside of my comfort zone and succeed.  I also think my blog followers have given me confidence to persevere.  Through the many comments and text messages I found that I have more in common with people than I knew because they face the same challenges.
  4. Clearer Skin – I have been blessed with good skin my whole life.  I never went through zit breakouts like I know so many people do.  The other day I was washing my face and noticed that it was so much smoother.  I’m sure I’ve been sweating out a lot of toxins like my friends cosmo and pinot noir!

I also want to start to share my weekly goals with you to hold myself accountable.

This week’s goal:  Sticking to the workouts and making it through without stopping.  Continue to stick with the diet and lose 5 pounds.


I love cooking especially during the holidays.  In fact, for Christmas Eve I cooked everything from Ina Garten’s recipes.  Ina, better known as the Barefoot Contessa, cooks mostly French for entertaining which means butter, cream and oil.  These were my 3 food groups and I was a huge fan of carbs!

Taking on this change in my life has meant changing the way I eat.  Luckily for me I have always loved vegetables but eating them for every meal can be challenging.  I am not a nutritionist or doctor but I have found meals that work for me to follow in these simple rules:

  • 1 gram of protein per pound of weight
  • No carbs after 4pm
  • No sugar
  • Eat every 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • 1 gallon of water a day

Do I follow these rules 100%?  No, but 90% of the day I do!  That is a big improvement of my old habits.  Now, I’m working on new and healthy habits.

This weekend I went food shopping and bought everything I need for the week.  This helps me stay on track without seeking the bad stuff.  I bought things like chicken, turkey sausage, chicken sausage, spring mix, veggies for my salads, bananas, strawberries, eggs and egg whites.  Below is a sample of what I’ll be eating today:

  • Breakfast:  1 egg with 3 egg whites, turkey sausage patty, Ezekiel bread
  • Snack: Strawberries
  • Lunch: Salad (spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and balsamic vinaigrette) with grilled chicken
  • Snack 2 hours before gym: Grilled chicken and sweet potato
  • Snack after gym: Banana
  • Dinner: Turkey sausage with green peppers and onions
  • I drink as much water as I can during the day but if I want something with flavor I make my own brewed ice tea

I also have a large collection of plastic containers to help me prep my meals so I can grab ‘n go each day:


Here is also a sample of my turkey sausage with veggie prep:

sausage dinners This is a lot of work compared to how I was but it’s helping me get to my end goal so it is worth it.  A good prep day is Sunday and I’ve also started writing out my meals for each day so I know what to throw in my bag.

Week 1 DONE!

liz 3.21.13

Yesterday was a very hard day for me mentally and physically at boot camp in Ocean NJ. I felt defeated by the pain in my body, the exhaustion and the food. I received a lot of feedback, tips, and quotes. I appreciate it all!

Someone told me that the diet I am following is like a light switch to my body. On Saturday I flipped it on and went full force. While it is important to follow a healthy diet I also cannot put my body in this type of shock or I may give up. At first I thought, but this is what I was told to do. But in reality, I have to do what’s right for me and my body.

I had planned a turkey sausage with green peppers and onions lunch but it’s been days since I’ve enjoyed a sandwich and I craved that full feeling. So, I took my fat butt over to Panera and ordered the “You Pick Two”. I got the French onion soup and 1/2 smoked turkey sandwich, dry. After consuming this decadent lunch (decadent compared to what I have been eating) I instantly felt better. I felt more focused and my energy increased. I was ready to get back into class.

My boot camp in Monmouth County class went great last night.  Was it hard?  You bet, but I finished 2nd in one of the circuits which, to me, is pretty awesome.  It is definitely not a race but I’ve already seen improvement since my first day.  I’ve also found that I’m better at some workouts vs. others.  While I’m working out time does seem to slow down but when I’m done I feel like I just got there.

Like I said before, I’m having my good days and my bad days but the good are more often.  Now if I could only get out of bed in the morning more quickly!  I’m taking 2 days off from the class but plan on doing the elliptical atleast 1 day.  Til then, I’ll update you on the flip side.