I’m Scared!

eleanor roosevelt

I have talked about our fears in previous posts and wanted to throw in a little challenge to myself: Do 1 thing every day that scares me. 

If you do not know, this instruction comes from Eleanor Roosevelt and although the thought of it sounds silly it can be life changing.  Imagine all the things that you are afraid of and conquering them to become a stronger person.  It could be anything! Maybe you have a fear of spiders or making conversation with a stranger.  It could be even bigger like being in a bad relationship and getting out of it.

I won’t post something everyday but I’ll do a round up each week with the outcome.  Who’s with me?

Day 1/June 26: Instead of sitting at my desk alone during lunch I joined a group of women and made conversation.  The social outcome is TBD but it was good to get away from my desk and take a breather.