Scared Straight


Last Wednesday night I was sleeping in my bed and suddenly woke up shivering with the worst chills.  I threw on extra clothes, turned the heat up and got back into bed.  Then it came.

All the fluid in my body wanted out!  I didn’t know what to do, it just didn’t want to stop.  After three hours I couldn’t take it anymore and called my parents for a ride to the hospital.  They quickly came, walked me to the car and drove away.  I felt like a hostage in the night wrapped up in sweats, a hoodie and coat, bent over in the front seat from the pain.

Luckily, all my bodily fluids were left at home and none were left for the car ride…one of my fears.  They quickly wheeled me into a room, took my vitals, blood, urine, the works!  I was in pain that I had never experienced:  my lower stomach was cramping and tightening, my upper stomach was just pure pain and my back was strained from so much vomiting.

The doctor eventually came back with some preliminary results:  I was more dehydrated than I should be and I may have a gallbladder issue.  Shit!  They were talking possible surgery.

I did an ultrasound which came back ok but my gallbladder was still in pain when pressed.  Next decision was a CT scan but I had to drink this saline fluid.  Just what I want when I’m already nauseous.  It took an hour to get through it to ensure I didn’t get sick otherwise I’d have to do it again.  Then wait two hours for it to work.

I got wheeled into the CT scan which was really nothing but they did inject me with a dye which made me feel warm.  The CT scan came back ok but they determined I had sludge in my gallbladder and gastroenteritis.  Sludge?  Like the Bog of Eternal Stench??  Ick!

Per the doctor, sludge can build up in your gallbladder if you have a high amount of fat in your diet or my liver may not be working properly.  Both scary things which I want to improve.

For the most part I have lived my life as if I’m invincible.  I’ve always been willing to try different physical activities and been on the go.  I think these things may be catching up with me.  I’m actually concerned.

We often hear people with heart scares change their lifestyle but at 35 I have to think this way?  This is just weird but I never want to experience this again.  Right now I’m on the BRAT diet and really have no interest in food yet but it’s important to feed our bodies with healthy and natural foods as much as possible.

This is my ultimate body reset and I’m not talking about a cleanse.  This has been a wake up call to really consider the foods I put in my body and to make smarter decisions.  I will have peace of mind knowing I make healthy decisions for myself and let mother nature do the rest.