What Are You Waiting For?

what are you waiting for

The other day I was sitting on the beach with my friend explaining how hard the dating scene is.  I had been on a couple dates and had a couple coming up.  Unfortunately, the one had cancelled our 2nd date the day before due to work schedule which is totally understandable.

Since I’m an open book I have to admit I took a blow to the ego.  Did he not want to see me again and this was an excuse or maybe he really was just busy with work?!  This is how my brain functions: I question things and think things to death until I exhaust myself and build anxiety that’s unnecessary.  A lot of people think I’m calm and collected, which I generally am, but I’m a basket case on the inside.

Going back to the relaxing beach scene….my friend gave me really good advice:  Stop over thinking and do something for yourself.  That can mean different things to different people but to me it means focus on me being happy and healthy.

The gears start churning in my head trying to think of what I can do to change things for me and I asked myself, what have I done in the past that makes me feel good, not only mentally but physically?

If you haven’t been following my blog, roughly two years ago I started at Ultimate Fit Zone by joining their boot camp classes.  I did it for about three months and then went into running. (I quit way too early!) It was the only workout that worked for me.  Encouraging trainers and peers and I did things I never imaged I could do with my body.  So, the bitch is back…

I figure we only live one life so live it happy!  In closing, I ask you…what are you waiting for to do what makes YOU happy?


One Year

before and after 2013

It has been one year since I decided to make a change in my life.  This time last year I was unahppy with how I was running my own life.  I had bad eating habits, I hadn’t worked out in years and didnt’ even want to be social because I felt bad about myself.  These thoughts hanging over my head on a daily basis forced me to do something about it.

My journey has not been just about me.  There are so many people who have helped me along the way.  For example, I was lucky enough to have worked with people who were health consious.  Being surrounded by good habits helped me stick to my plan.  I also befriended a co-worker whose husband owned a gym and was introduced to a great program that challenged me, brought me confidence and new friends.

My family has been at every race; even the New Years Eve run in 15 degree weather.  My Aunt Rita who always said “Go Liz Go” on my Facebook posts never missed a beat.  My friends I have met along the way who understand the struggle and the workouts have been a great support.  It never occured to me that I would meet great people that are important to this change.  And lastly, those of you who follow my blog.  Most I know but a lot are strangers.  How awesome is it that I get to share my story and not feel like I’m the only one?  Amazing!

I am a better me than a year ago.  I’ve learned so much from others and learned a lot about myself.  I continue to set goals for myself and continue to learn.  This is an ongoing process just like life.

If you decide you want to be better then create a goal and then a plan.  If there is something in that plan that does not work for you, alter it but stick to your goals.

I’m Baaack


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know how much I’ve switched up my fitness routines.  I first started out at the Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean, NJ doing boot camp classes.  I met some amazing people both in the classes and the trainers.

Then warm weather swept in and I wanted to become a runner so I focused on running.  I’ve come really far since starting and have completed five 5k’s since August.  Now that the cold weather is back it’s difficult to run outside in the daylight especially with a full time job.

With that said, tomorrow I will be back doing the boot camp classes at Ultimate Fit Zone!  I’m super excited because it truly is a family and I get results.  Everyone cheers you on to push yourself further and more than you’ve ever done.  After class I feel amazing and know I can conquer anything.

If you haven’t been to this gym before but want to try it out then here’s your chance to do it with me!   Here are the deets:

Ultimate Fit Zone

1466 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ (Middlebrook Shopping Center)

I will be at the 5:30pm class on Wed., Nov. 6, 2013.  If you have not been to this gym, the 1st class is free.

Eddie:  Prep the barf bucket

The Biggest Loser

the biggest loser

Tonight the 15th season of The Biggest Loser premiered and I was very excited to watch for motivation, tips and to see what workouts they do.  If you are ready to make a change in your life for your health I strongly urge you to watch.

These severely overweight and unhappy people have all kinds of stories to tell like a husband who watched his wife take her last breath after suffering from brain cancer.  He now is the mother and father to their two teenage daughters.  And, a woman who was a nationally recognized swimmer who gained weight.   She is so embarrassed by her body that she doesn’t want to see her family in fear of being looked down on.

I was one of these people.  For years I was unhappy with myself.  I had gotten to a point that I wouldn’t go out with my friends because of how I looked and how terrible I felt about myself.  I couldn’t stop the noise in my head about how I shouldn’t have eaten this or I should go to the gym, but maybe tomorrow.

It’s a vicious cycle that never changed until I decided to make the change.

I know these people are working out SEVERAL hours a day under the constant care of personal trainers which is completely unrealistic unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and don’t work a 9 to 5 job.  The biggest challenge for these contestants is going back into the real world.  For example, being invited to happy hour after work.  How can anyone resist beer and wings??  How can anyone resist being social?

So, how does the average person like you and I make these changes to our lives?

Find a workout that works for you!  

I was lucky enough to join the Ultimate Fit Zone family back in March.  I worked my ass off to the point of almost vomiting but I never felt better (similar workouts seen on The Biggest Loser).

Everything you put in your mouth affects your health!  

Fitness is 20% and diet is 80% of your weight loss.  Eat loads of protein and veggies.  Eat some healthy carbs and fruits.  Drink water.  That’s it.

By following this not only was I doing something good for my health, I also gained an incredible amount of confidence.  I learned how much I can physically and mentally accomplish.   I have carried this with me ever day.

One big thing I learned is when you reach that point when you think you cannot go on, push yourself harder.  Your body can do way more than you think.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is dedication to your health.  There is not one day that has been easy for me but it has been way worth the struggle.  What’s stopping you from making that positive change to your life?




Guilt and Moving Forward


Lately I’ve been feeling less and less motivated to stick to my routine and wanting to break away from it and throw in something new.  I decided to try out the “couch to 5k” (C25K) program for the summer just to get outside and change things up.

Sunday morning I got up and grabbed my phone which has the C25K app. The app is pretty awesome because it alerts you when to run or walk but also pulls in your music from your iTunes.    The first day was awesome.  The weather was perfect and I felt strong throughout.

I’ve also been getting more into things that will help to push me further.  I’ve been into t-shirts with fun quotes:


and looking into heart rate monitors to monitor my progress.

My eating habits haven’t been the best lately because of invites to go out to eat and celebrate the new job or just catching up with friends.  Last night I ate regular pasta.  I haven’t had that in atleast 2 months.  Now I’m feeling sluggish and craving bad stuff.   I’m realizing more and more that my eating habits affects my mood and motivation to work out.

I’ve been watching Extreme Weight Loss on ABC tonight and I’m getting motivated all over again.  I identify with their weight struggles and mustering up the strength to break through the pain.  These people are complete strangers to me but I feel so proud of them.

My journey thus far has been pretty amazing.  I’ve made some awesome changes for myself and very proud.  I’ve met awesome people through Ultimate Fit Zone too.  Due to my change in job I may need to change gyms to keep it convenient for me to continue towards my goals.  There have been so many changes in the last 3 months that I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed but I’ve come to realize that I need to do the right thing for me.

Keep following for updates, friends!


Lessons Learned From New Beginnings


When I began this blog and my overall journey my intent was to hold myself accountable and have something to look back on to remind me of how far I came.  By sharing my fears, struggles and triumphs it never crossed my mind that this would connect me to people I already know on a different level but I also connected with strangers and even myself.

My biggest accomplishment to date was to take control of my life and not wait for things to change.  For many years I felt sorry for myself because I had been through so much that I thought, “why can’t things just go right for me for a change?”  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very lucky with my career, friends and family but I always wanted something bigger and better for myself.

By taking control I have learned so much about my own strength but was also reminded about some pretty awesome people who are always cheering me on.  (you know who you are 🙂 )

One of the lessons I’ve learned is not to settle.  Always be great.  So, in the next couple weeks I will be changing jobs.  This is one of those top 10 stressers in life but I know I will take it head on because there lies so many opportunities that I don’t want to miss out.  What I will miss are some amazing people I have been working with.  They are smart, passionate and will do great things.  Missing them already and I’m not gone.




One Size Down!!

never give up

Today’s workout was pretty rough but I feel amazing!!  We had a round of movements to do like 10 renegade rows, 15 ball slams, 20 air squats and 10 dumbbell pushes for 3 minutes.  We took 1 minute rest then another round until we did it 6 times.

I was sweating buckets but afterward I felt like I could go again!  I never thought I’d feel that way.  I focused on what I was doing and mentally pushed myself to go at it harder.

I’m also down 1 size which didn’t hurt the motivation either!!

Happy weekend all!

# of workouts this week: 4

Total weight loss: 10 lbs

Mood:  Amazing