How I Got Here: Part IX

Finding my name on the Oceanside Pier was not the only sign I had during my short visit to Cali.  As I was driving around I saw a vanity plate that said, “Go Liz” and also another plate frame said, “Moore” which is my Grandmother’s last name.  It just felt right.

Brian stayed in CA to work while I went home to pack my apartment I had lived in for nine years.  I had met with a couple of moving companies to get quotes for my personal stuff and to ship my car.  Things were really lining up pretty easily.  I enjoy organizing and packing so packing up my place was fun for me.

The only worry I had was my dog and how he would be during our flight.  He’s very well mannered but he’s a momma’s boy and requires to be on my lap!  Per airline guidelines, they requires a health certificate showing the dog is healthy enough to fly so I took him to the vet and they also gave me a prescription for anxiety meds – for HIM not me.  😉

After my belongings and car were picked up and on their way to CA, I stayed with my parents for two nights.  It’s really strange staying in your childhood home before you’re off to another coast far away from what you’re familiar with.  But, I was feeling good and excited.  No worries at all.

The morning of my flight, I woke up and walked right into a wall.  I didn’t know what was going on but I just didn’t feel well and felt very dizzy.  I went downstairs to take the dog out and get the day started and I walked into another wall.

I was suddenly out of control dizzy and felt extremely nauseous.  I got down on the floor and grabbed onto the carpet as if the entire world was spinning.  I was in tears because any move I made and I thought I would be sick.  And for the first time in my life, I asked my parents to get me an ambulance.

After about 20 minutes of staying on the floor and trying to focus, I was able to get up.  Still in my PJ’s and glasses, I was walked out to the car and taken to urgent care.  Imagine this: a 39 year old woman getting walked into an urgent care by her parents in the K-Mart Shopping Center in her PJ’s, sans bra, messy hair and glasses.  Honestly, I was so sick I didn’t care one second.

I got in pretty quickly and I explained to him what was going on while he put the table down so I would lie flat.  If laying on the floor of my parents house crying my eyes out wasn’t bad enough, being laid out like that was pure torture.  Everything was spinning and I felt like I was just going to slide off the back head first.

Despite all my excitement and confidence that this move was going to be amazing, the stress that I never noticed caught up with me and triggered my vertigo.  The worst case of vertigo I have ever had.  The doctor wrote me a note for the airlines not allowing me to fly and prescribed some pain killer.  I went home, took the meds and passed out.

A few hours later I woke up and felt like nothing had happened.  I no longer felt dizzy or nauseous.  Kind of a miracle!  I tried to convince my parents I was ok and could fly and they were dead set against me flying and I don’t blame them.  What if I got dizzy again on the airplane?  But after begging them to let me go, they caved. I know I know, I’m a grown woman but they were my ride to the airport!

I’ve always been very stubborn.  And maybe I needed my parents to take care of me one last time before I left the nest for my 2,000 mile journey to a new chapter.

Reilly and I made it with plenty of time at the airport.  We were escorted through security because he was with me and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating.  Reilly and I slipped into our first class seats and off we were to the West Coast.  Reilly was an angel the whole way.  He just slept in his carrier under the seat in front of me and luckily the man next to me was a dog lover and took pics of Reilly to show his wife.

We landed a bit early and I ran through the airport to meet Brian.  I was so relieved to have finally arrived after that stressful day.  In fact, this pic of us at the airport shows how pale I was.

SAN Airport June 2018

I write this on the eve of what would have been my Grandma Anne’s 98th birthday.  It’s always been a special day because it was hers.  So, I end this story of my re-birth of new adventures and a new chapter.  I am sure there will more to come as I share our adventures with you.


Just When You Think…

Just when you think you’re doing all the right things in life something careens around the corner and hits you in the gut.  In November 2012 I learned all about Vertigo.  After returning for a great vacation in Jamaica of swimming, drinking, eating, snorkling and flying I had the worst episode on my first day back at work.

I remember it so clearly because it was the worst feeling ever.  I was standing at my desk and the room started to spin.  At first I thought maybe I didn’t eat enough or I was getting a migraine which I have had before.  I blinked my eyes to freshen them up because everything started to get blurry.  I sat down, I moved my head and I was still dizzy.  Then nausea kicked in.  This is when I knew I had to do something.  I probably made a really bad decsion by driving myself to the ER but I didn’t know what else to do.

I was quickly taken and seen by the head of the ER after an EKG and preliminary tests.  The EKG is done because dizziness can be a sign of heart problems.  The doctor determind it was Vertigo and the dizziness was from an imbalance inside of the ear due to my recent vacation activites:  snorkling and flying.  I was put on Anti-Vert or Meclyzne that is really a sedative.  I was in and out of sleep for about 3 days.  When I was awake I couldn’t focus or drive.

Fast forward to 2013

Since then I hadn’t experienced Vertigo again until this past October, again at work.  No, work is not causing it, but it prevents me from working because of the sedative.  On Nov. 1 I had it again while I was getting ready for work.  I felt dizzy and the only relief was laying down.  I knew that I had to do more than take a sedative so I called my primary doctor.

My doctor, bless her soul, likes to take all precautions and get tests done from head-to-toe and even reminded me to get the freckle on my nose checked out by a dermatologist.  So, my next stop was the cardiologist.  She called ahead and they got me right in.  I mean, I’m totally not stressing out now!!

The doc did an EKG and then informed me he’d like me to wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs.  I postponed it because I had a 5K the next day….priorities!  Well, tomorrow is the day I get hooked up to a box with wires under my clothes.  I already have my Thursday work outfit planned out to cover everything to avoid looking like a science experiment.


I have also seen the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doc who has me doing an ENG test.  Basically they hook your face up to wires, shoot warm and cold air in your ears and see if your face blows up like Large Marge.

Ok, I overexaggerated.  But this test could cause nausea and vomiting.  Yey.

I’m also set to see the neurologist and then probably an MRI.  Nothing like being trapped with your head in a plastic cage like Hannibal Lecter with weird buzzing noises all around you.

I’m kind of scared but also trying to be a big girl about it.  I feel great and continue working out.  Hoping for an all clear!